One Moment Of Your Life

This Site Is A Thank You To God Who Healed Me And To My Wife And Family Who Supported Me During This Time

We never think about life until the time we realize it could be taken from us. Our plans are for retirement and watching the grandchildren growing up.But what happens when these plans get interrupted.

In August of 1997 I woke up with a pain in my chest which went down the left arm and up into the neck. I didnt want to acknowledge the fact of what was happening. I let it go for about 4 hours before my wife Sharon found out about it. I dressed for work , but the pain was getting worse. Sharon called the rescue squad who took me to the hospital. I was in the hospital for 5 days. The heart attack changed my life.

Then in September of 1997,It started out like any other day. I got up and took the dogs outside. After tying Lassie to the tree, I started back to the house when my whole world started to spin. I completely lost my balance and ended up on the ground. I knew something was wrong, but at that moment wasn't sure what. I got to my knees once to try to get back to the house, but to no avail. I called out but nothing came out.

My world began to spin again and I ended up on my back in the grass. Fear began to grip me. I tried to move but nothing would work. It was just as if I was shot with novacain from the top of my head to the tip of my toes. The numbness was overwhelming combined with the fear of what I knew was happening. I don't know how long of a period of time went by before two young men were driving by in a pick up truck. They saw me lying in the yard and called out to me.I could hear them, but could not reply to them. The two smaller dogs were protecting me so know one could get near me.

They went to the house and told Sharon that I needed help. Immediately she rushed out of the house and came to my side. By then I was totally paralized and was without voice also. I could hear and see everything, but couldn't respond to anything.

By then my breathing was very shallow and I was beginning to choke. Sharon turned me over on my side which save my life. Caleb ran in the house and called 911.

The first wave of the rescue squad came and put me on Oxygen. I remember hearing the sirens and began to cry because of the fear that was building up.The rest of the rescue squad came and loaded me into the vehicle. It seemed like an eternity to finally reach the hospital.

I want to say that I heard and saw and remembered everything that happened, so be careful what comments you make in these situations. It could be very devastating to the individual if the wrong things are said.

When we reached the hospital they were ready for us and quickly went into action. The emergency room was like a bee hive for activity. After nine hours of tests I finally made it to my room. The next eight days were busy trying to disolved the blood clot and getting my blood level adjusted to the blood thinner level they desired. Learning to walk again was very frustrating, but needed to be done.

After eight days I went home, and have been recouperating ever since. It has been slow but steadily improving.

I want everyone to realize that life is but a brief second of time and can be taken from you in an instant. Whether by accident or stroke or heart attack, it is a real fact of life. My next question is the most important question you will ever answer.

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